Why are my Web App items inactive after an import

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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If you've imported a Web App and some items are missing when you preview the page, check to see if the items have (Inactive) set next to their name in the back-end system.


If a Web App's items are inactive, they do not appear and seem to be missing. This occurs because of the item's detail settings, specifically the release date and the expiration date. If the release date is set to some future date or if the expiration date is in the past, the item will be inactive.


In Excel, the column where you enter an expiration date of 1/5/2020 (to avoid an item from expiring), is automatically truncated and re-formatted to 01-May-20. When you import the web app items into the system, the data is reset to the year 1920.

To check and confirm the expiration and release dates :

  • Go to the web app item
  • Click "More options"
  • Check the expiry date and release date, as shown below :

webapp inactive


Highlight the expiration column in Excel and set its type to text. Type in 01-Jan-9999, copy the cell, paste the date into the other cells and re-import it. Now, all of the Web App items will not expire until 01-Jan-3000. This resolves the missing items issue. This setting ensures that you'll have no inactive items upon adding or updating data with Excel.