Creating a Web App and adding custom fields

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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This article describes how to create a basic Web App and add custom fields for the new App.

Web apps allow you to set any number of custom fields with different field types such as text, radio buttons, and drop down lists. Web app items are either created by a site administrator or by visitors who submit items.

Create a Web App

  1. Select Web Apps > +Add Web App.
  2. Enter a name for the new Web App and select a default template for the app.
  3. Click Save.

You now have a basic Web App, the other fields available on the Web App screen are used for more advanced Web App functionality such as vistor submitted Web App items, selling Web App item views and submissions and Google Maps integration.

For details on these fields, see tool tips next to the options.
For details on the advanced fucntionality of Web Apps, refer to the related articles section.

Note: For the best experience using Business Catalyst we recommend creating a maximum of 10000 webapp items. For more details please see the Business Catalyst limitations .

Adding custom fields to a Web App

Once you have saved your Web App, you can then add the fields you want to be available for this app. Click the Fields tab at the top of the Web App details screen:

On this screen, click Add Field to create a new custom field. Enter the name of the field you would like to create and then select the field type from the drop-down menu. Below is a list of fields available and their description:

  • Data Source: Allows the integration of 2 Web Apps (i.e links one Web App to another).
  • DateTime: A calendar widget to choose the day, month and year. (It does not actually display the time).       
  • Image: An interface to select an existing site image or upload an image file.  
  • List (Checkbox List): A series of values with checkboxes for multiple selections. 
  • List (Dropdown List): A drop-down menu that allows a single selection. 
  • List (Listbox List): A series of values for a single or multiple selections. 
  • List (Radio List): A series of values with radio buttons for a single selection. 
  • Number: A numeric value, such as the number of miles, the price of an item, a specific quantity, and other numbers. 
  • Text (Hyperlink) 
  • Text (Multiline): A larger text field to enter a more significant amount of text. 
  • Text (String): A single line text field for a short amount of text, such as a name or place. 
  • True/False (Boolean): A checkbox that when checked, sets the value to true

You can make a custom field Mandatory. This ensures that when a new Web App item is created (both from within the admin and visitor submitted on the front end), these fields must be populated.

Click Save Field when you are done creating the new field.