Allowing customers to specify a web app item classification

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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It is possible to enable the ability for customers to specify a classification when submitting and editing a web app item. This requires a small amount of customization to achieve this.

Obtaining the classification source code

Firstly, you will need to copy the snippet of HTML code provided below and insert it on a page. This will render all classifications that exist on your site:

<select name="CAT_Category" id="CAT_Category" class="cat_listbox" rows="4" multiple="multiple">

Once you have inserted this code on a page, save then view a live copy of that page. View the source code of that live page:

You will see that all classifications added to your site will now be rendered in HTML format. Copy the HTML between the <select></select> tags:

Navigate to the web page where you have inserted the Web Apps Input Form module . Switch to HTML view and paste the HTML code you copied earlier between the <form></form> tags of your Web App Input Form.

In order to allow customers to specify a classification when editing their web app items, simply repeat this process but with the Web App Edit Template. This can be achieved by navigating to your Web App > Edit Web App Settings > Layout > Edit Template .

Your Web App Input Form or Edit Layout should now have a select field similar to the screenshot below that will allow customers to specify a classification for a web app item:

Hint: You can remove any classifications from this list by modifying the HTML code to remove that option.