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Social media integration on Web Apps

Business Catalyst allows you to integrate Facebook and Twitter functionality with your Web Apps. You can add Facebook Like, Facebook Comments, Facebook Send, and Twitter Tweet to your apps.

Building a visitor submitted powered Web App

Learn how to create a web app that allows visitors to login, register and submit web app items.

Why are my Web App items inactive after an import

Highlight the expiration column in Excel and set its type to text.

Collecting payment for visitor submitted Web App items

Learn how to charge registered visitors a fee for interacting with Web Apps on a site.

The Edit button does not appear in Web App list

If you are working with visitor submitted Web Apps and have followed the steps outline here but cannot get the Edit or Delete button to display with your Web Apps, check this article.

How do I change the default Zoom level on Google Maps in web apps maps module

Sometimes you may want to change the zoom level on the Google map rendered by the Web Apps map module. The default zoom level is set to 10, but Google provides levels from 1 -16.

Building a job posting site

Overview of the process of creating a job posting site using Web Apps


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