Email marketing system pages

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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When sending out newsletters with Business Catalyst, depending on what actions users take (subscribe/unsubscribe), certain pages will be displayed. The layouts for these pages can be customized by accessing Admin > Site Manager > System Pages > E-mail Marketing:

  • Subscription Confirmation Request
  • Subscription Confirmed
  • Unsubscribe Confirmation
  • Unsubscribe Confirmed

Subscription Confirmation Request

Contacts that are not opted in and book an event will receive a subscription confirmation request. If they don't confirm this, further notifications that are usually associated with the respective event will not be received. Learn more about setting up events .

Also, for contacts that are not opted in, the same e-mail can be sent to confirm their opt-in status. This can be manually triggered from Admin > CRM > Contacts > a specific contact > Subscriptions tab.

Lastly, customers can subscribe to a mailing list through a mailing list subscription form. That form can be configured to send the double opt in e-mail, which also uses this template.

Subscription Confirmed

After any of the above scenarios (subscription confirmation request) are carried out, so once the user confirms his subscription / opt-in status, this confirmation page is displayed.

Unsubscribe Confirmation

As per usual regulations, e-mail campaigns are sent with an unsubscribe option. This can be accomplished through one of two tags:

  • tag_unsubscribelist
  • tag_unsubscribe

When the user clicks any of the above, he sees this page.

Unsubscribe Confirmed

Immediately after having unsubscribed (clicking the unsubscribe link received in any e-mail campaign, as deescribed above) the user will see this confirmation page.