Workflow related system emails

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Workflows along with the associated system e-mails are one of the pillars of not only Business Catalyst, but any major BaaS architecture. Business Catalyst enables you as a developer to refine not only the way system notifications look, but also the level of information they offer.

By accessing Admin > Site Manager > System E-mails > Workflows you'll gain access to the entire set of workflow notifications that Business Catalyst sends:

  • Workflow Notification
  • 3rd Party Workflow Emails
  • Workflow Task
  • Workflow Completion
  • Workflow Reminder
  • Workflow Escalation
  • Workflow Rejection

Workflow Notification

Every time a form is submitted, if a workflow is associated with the respective form , a workflow message will be sent to the responsible users. This system e-mail is customizable, you can apply your own html to it, and choose what tags to be included.

3rd Party Workflow Emails

When configuring a workflow to also send a notification to a person not included in a user role: a system e-mail will also be sent to that recipient, following the template in this layout. There are fewer tags to chose from, a normal security measure since the recipients are not users of your website.

Workflow Task

When using multi-step workflows , for each step that requires approval, this system e-mail is sent to the users contained by the user role assigned to the respective step.

Workflow Completion

For multi-step workflows , after a step that requires approval is approved, or when a step that doesn't, is advancing automatically, this notification is sent to the users associated with the user role assigned to that step.

Workflow Reminder

This layout controls the system e-mail sent when a reminder is set for a step within a workflow.

Workflow Escalation

This layout controls the system e-mail sent when an escalation is made from a step within a workflow

An escalation can occur automatically after a certain time, set in the workflow step settings, or manually by a user that receives the workflow task, by assigning another user to the respective step (task).


Workflow Rejection

Aside from automatically advancing, being escalated and approved, workflow steps can also be rejected. This is the layout that controls the respective system e-mail. You can apply your own HTML and decide which tags are rendered in its contents.