Secure zones

Tutorials and FAQs

Approving subscriptions before users can log in

Learn how to set up a sign up system that allows you to review each access application before the users can actually log into your membership only secure area.

How do I auto login users that share an IP address?

Use the Trusted IP Addresses feature within the secure zones settings.

Implementing a trial and purchased access secure zone scenarios

Offer trial access to a secure zone, before actually collecting payment for it. this assumes you allow users to subscribe to a secure zone, but also set an expiry date. Future subscribes will be charged.

How to setup recurring billing for Secure Zone membership

Use the interface to configure a cycle of payments to monetize the high value content that is provided behind a Secure Zone

Implementing a members only area "wishlist"

Inserting the "add to favorites" links, customize the favorites login page.

Creating the members only area in the front-end

Four steps to create a mambers only area. Create secure zone. Add content. Add subscribers. Publish login form.


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