Working with pages

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Pages are the basic elements of any site. In this article series, we will take a look at how you can create and publish pages, use templates (see the templates article for a more in-depth view), create 301 redirects, and use workflows to trigger a specific set of steps whenever somebody edits the page.

There are 2 core views available when working with pages in Business Catalyst:

  • Site Pages Listing This is where you see all your website's pages in either List View or Tree View. From this location you can also create a basic page , extract or apply templates .
  • Individual Page View/Edit Accessing any of the available pages on your website will open this view, from where you can add and publish any changes.

Create a basic page

If you're a Muse user, Adobe recommends creating pages in Muse instead and uploading them to Business Catalyst. See Adobe Muse Help and Tutorials .

There are three main ways of adding a new page to Business Catalyst:

From the Admin Console

  1. Select Site Manager > Pages and then click Add Page.
  2. Specify the page details.
    • The page title is displayed in search results, the web browser?s title bar, and bookmarks.
    • The page name is used to identify the page in Business Catalyst.
    • A template (optional) is a predefined page design that can be applied to one or more pages. For more information on templates, see the templates section .
  3. Enter content for the page.
  4. Click Save Draft or Publish.

From the Develop tab

Click the new file icon from the menu found in the bottom of the left panel. Check-out every aspect of using this tool in this article: Working with the Develop Tab

From Dreamweaver

You can either:

  • Select File> New > HTML and save the page in the local directory of your site, then upload it to your site with PUT, from the Files Panel
  • Create a new file in the local site directory through the Files Panel, then upload it to your site with PUT
  • Create a mew file directly in the server view of your Files Panel

All the above apply based on the premise that you have already setup a BC site in Dw. For details on this topic please see this article: Using Dreamweaver

Edit a page

  • Select Site Manager > Pages and then click the page in the tree view to switch to editing mode.
  • Edit the page and click Publish or Save Draft.

Click Save Draft often so you don't lose your changes.

Note: After creating a site from Muse, the options to edit pages in Business Catalyst are disabled. If you need to make edits to a page, work on the page in Muse and upload the page to Business Catalyst again. To enable editing options in Business Catalyst, see Enable editing options (Muse users) .

Customize the URL of a page

  1. Select the page in Site Manager > Pages.
  2. Under Page Details, click the Edit link next to the page URL.

Assign a template to your page

Templates can be assigned from either the templates sections or right from with the "Page Details" Section of any page.

Check all the info on templates here

Add modules to the page using the Toolbox

Each page can be populated with modules, that can be accessed through the toolbox available on the right side of the page:

Publish a page

Select the page in Site Manager > Pages and then click Publish.

Delete a page

Select the page in Site Manager > Pages and then click Delete.

Warning: Deleted items are not recoverable. Make sure you're deleting the right page. 

Check BC Gurus for a video-tutorial on building pages

BC Gurus - How to create a BC page