Migrating your Bronze website

Updated on 02-April-2019 at 2:48 PM

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This article covers the migration procedure for a website on the Bronze plan created in Muse and published on Business Catalyst. Depending on the hosting platform you choose to move your website to you might first need to create an A record on the Business Catalyst side first. Some hosting platforms require this, others don't. To be on the safe side, let's create a A record just in case we need it later. Here is how to create it:

  1. log into your Business Catalyst website and go to the Site Domains section
  2. click the "More Actions" drop down and select the A record option, this popup window will appear
  3. choose a name for your record, it can be anything - for this example we have chosen "testing'. Click the "External IP address" option and fill in the IP address as per this document. If you are using another hosting platform than GoDaddy please get in touch with their support, they will need to tell you which IP address to use

Once the A record is created you are ready to proceed to the actual website migration.

Register for an online hosting platform

The first step is to register for a hosting patform. For this tutorial we will use GoDaddy as an example. To create an account please go to this link and register. For this tutorial we will use the "Economy Hosting Plan" package: 

During the GoDaddy setup phase you will need to enter your domain. At this point enter the A record we have created before in Business Catalyst. This will serve as a temporary URL for your new website.

When the migration is complete we will permanently remove the domain from BusinessCatalyst and add it to the new website but until then we need to use this temporary A record.


During the migration process your Business Catalyst website will continue to be live and available to your customers.

Once yourGoDaddy account is created, the first thing you need to do is create a FTP account. This account will be used to push the site to GoDaddy.

Do you have the .muse file?

If you do, the publishing process can be completed from Muse. Here is what you need to do:

  1. open the .muse file in Muse
  2. go to Publish, select the FTP option
  3. enter the hostname and the FTP username and password you have created 
  4. enter the OTHER DETAILS and click PUBLISH (screenshots here)

Muse will now connect to your new hosting platform and publish your website. Here is more information on how to publish a file from Muse to a third-party hosting service.

Don't have the .muse file any longer?

If this is the case you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. download and install a FTP software. There are alot of free ones you can use, we will go with FileZilla for this tutorial., here is the download link
  2. after you have installed the FTP program you need to connect to your current Business Catalyst website to download all the website files to your computer. Here is how to do this: SCREENSHOTS HERE
  3. once all the site files are downloaded to your computer you need to upload them to your new hosting platform. Here is how to do this: STEPS HERE

You can find more information on how to connect to GoDaddy using a FTP program in this article.

Now we are almost done, time for the final touch-ups. Make sure the website pages are working, make sure they all look the same. At this step you might need to login to your Typekit account and make sure this temporary A record that we are using for the new website is authorized. If it is not, your fonts will not look correctly.

Finish the migration

When you are happy with your new website it is time to finally move the domain from Business Catalyst to your new hosting platform and finish the migration. Before proceeding with these steps make sure you know the new hosting platform's nameservers, you will need these records to replace the Business Catalyst ones.

Make sure you have all the information readily availabe (the domain registrar's login panel, the nameservers you need to use and how to configure the domains in your new website's admin panel) before proceeding.

The first step to do this is to remove the domain from Business Catalyst:

  1. log into your Business Catalyst Admin Console and go to the Site Domains panel
  2. delete your domain from the Domains list
  3. log into your domain registrar's control panel and locate the Business Catalyst nameservers, they should be named ns01.worldsecuresystems.com, ns02.worldsecuresystems.com and ns03.worldsecuresystems.com
  4. replace them with the new nameservers used by your new hosting platform. Here are the nameservers for GoDaddy.
  5. after the new nameservers are in place log into your new website hosting platform and add your domain name

This is the final step that concludes your website migration from Business Catalyst to your new website platform.

Need help?

If you need help to republish your website to another platform please get in touch with one of our partners listed here.