Migrate your website - need help

Updated on 28-August-2020 at 9:14 AM

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If you need help migrating your Business Catalyst website, please contact one of the partners below:

Partner Services offered  Geographic region  Contact
Data export,site migration to Shopify, Weebly Cloud, LightCMS and Platform OS. ALL aidbc.com
Pretty Migration of advanced BC websites for Medium to Large Business. Migrations to advanced CMS platforms.
ALL pretty.com.au
Migrations to the Siteglide DXP using BCExporter and WebApp import tool (structure, data and categories). Replicate sites with CRM, Secure Zones, eCommerce, Forms, Liquid and custom code/functionality.


ONE Creative Migrations to Platform OS ALL onecreative.pro
MRK Migrations to Wordpress ALL mrkwebsites.com
Treepl Site Migrations to Treepl CMS. ALL


Website Success
UK based experts specializing in migrations to Siteglide and PlatformOS
UK websitesuccess.co.uk
Design box Media Website migration to WordPress and email migration. ALL designboxmedia.co.uk
Platform OS
Site migrations - including complex WebApps.
ALL PlatformOS
Professional Business Catalyst to WordPress Migration. CRM & CMS Migration. Secure Zones, Web Apps, Products and SEO Migration.
Design Central Business Catalyst to WordPress migration. AU designcentral.net.au
Urban Element Data export and site migration. UK urbanelement.com
Easy Website Manager Site Migration - to various platforms. Australia


BackupBC Data export ALL backupbc.com
Adam Culpepper
Site migrations ALL adamculpepper.net
WebContrive Migration services from BC to Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Wix and to Squarespace as well as Data export. ALL webcontrive.com
Summitdigital Site migrations to Wordpress. AU summitdigital.com.au
Vindiweb Ltd
Migration services from BC to Wordpress
New Zealand
Cornerstone Digital Migration to various other platform. Australia cornerstone-digital.com.au
Chicago Digital Site migration to WordPress, Shopify and HubSpot. ALL chicagodigital.com
Vienna And Bailey Migration to Shopify or Wordpress and data export. All / New Zealand viennaandbailey.co.nz
B3 Accelerate
WordPress combined with best-in-class commercial plugins and fully managed hosting delivers the ideal Business Catalyst replacement. Our team of experienced WordPress theme & plugin developers will ensure an effortless, hassle-free migration.


Hello Digital Data export, site migration to Shopify or WordPress. New Zealand, Australia/ALL hellodigital.nz
UTX Inc.
Website Design, Graphic Design, Website Migration, Website Hosting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management and Customer Success Management.
Mid-Atlantic Region, United States
BC Website Migration to Umbraco Cloud, Wordpress, Big Commerce & Shopify, Website design and development, strategic planning, digital marketing and lead generation services.
UK & Europe
Sirocco Digita
Website & Email Migration to Treepl CMS.
Brand and website specialists. Business Catalyst migration to Wordpress, Shopify and Platform OS.



The partners listed above have offered their services and we can confirm they have prior experience with the Business Catalyst platform. However, please note that Adobe or the Business Catalyst team does not endorse other companies for migration related services. If you want to help other partners and add yourself to the list please
get in touch with the Business Catalyst support team.