Using InContext editing with campaigns

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Business Catalyst provides a seamless editing experience for administrative users (small business owners) working with email campaigns. Using InContext editing mark-up, you're now able to define editable regions inside the HTML code of your email newsletter templates. Editable regions can be applied on both static (text, links, images or html) or dynamic (modules) content. When an admin user wants to edit the content of this template, they're only manipulating the raw content itself, therefore ensuring that the overall layout is not affected.

Once the InContext editor is enabled on a site, the email campaign content screen is divided into 2 sections:

  • WYSIWYG or Redactor editor - This is where you as the partner, can set the editable regions for admin users by modifying the HTML as explained in the next section.
  • The InContext Editor for campaigns - This is where the small business owner (admin users) of the site can update or populate the placeholders defined as editable by the partner user.

    Do note that in order to preserve the overall layout defined by the partner user this editor does not have the layout-changing controls (the alignment of images for example)

For partner users

Enabling InContext editing for email campaigns

To enable the InContext editing feature for email campaigns, you need to first log in to your partner portal.

  1. Log in to the admin of any of your sites, and then select Go to Partner Portal from the menu next to your partner logo.

  2. Select Tools > Online Editor Settings, and then select one of your sites from the menu.
  3. Click the Other Settings tab, and then check the Enable for email campaigns editing box.
  4. Click Save

Defining editable content

In the WYSIWYG editor you as a partner user can mark elements from the campaign content to be editable regions by using a custom attribute on those HTML elements as below:

The ice:editable attribute supports the following values corresponding to an ER type:

  • line - single line text; all formatting and break lines are ignored;
  • multiline - multi line text; break lines are allowed, all formatting is ignored;
  • image - change and resize image; image is server side resized using dimensions defined on the img tag
  • link - change link; can insert internal (site) or external links
  • html - html text; some formatting is allowed; partners can specify the formatting elements made available to business owners
  • module ' allows partners to select which modules are editable; the business owners will access a simplified module manager user interface that will only allow them to change the cotent filters (tags, lists, etc.) so that they can choose which content to display; in this release, all modules are editable by default once another editable region is found inside the page content;

For the html value, you can list the editor options in the ice:options attribute, comma separated. Separators (for option groups) can be specified using the pipe character "|".

For example:

The editor will only allow the following options:

Editable regions can be applied on the following tags:

  • LineMultiline editable region type can applied only on: p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, pre, address, blockquote, div
  • Link editable region type can be applied only on: A tag
  • Image editable region type can be applied only on: IMG tag
  • HTML editable region type can be applied only on: generic section tag DIV, TD and TH
  • Module editable region type can be applied only on: Business Catalyst modules (ex: {module_faq ice:editable="module"})

Restrictions using editable regions

To ensure users don't break the campaign layouts, the system restricts what html tags an editable regions can be applied to as well as what HTML mark-up is allowed inside an editable region.

  • Editable regions (of any kind) cannot be applied on any of the following self-closing tags:
  • Editable regions cannot be applied on any of the following inline level tags:
  • Additionally, editable regions cannot be applied on any FORM related elements:
  • The following tags are not allowed inside an editable region:

Other restrictions

  • Most editable regions canot be nested. The only exception to this restriction is an editable link which may contain an editable image.
  • Editable regions cannot be applied on elements containing Liquid mark-up. Liquid mark-up will be overwritten by its generated HTML if the mark-up is inside an editable region.
  • The in-context editor is only supported using the V3 admin user interface
  • Partners cannot choose which modules are editable; all modules inside a campaign are editable
  • Module preview inside the business owner editing experience does not refresh after updating module filters
  • Cannot insert tags using the in-context editor

For site admins

Using the in-context editor

Once you have defined editable regions in your email templates, the customer will only see the in-context editor and only be able to change the raw content of the template.

Single line and multi line editors - will allow copywriters to change text without altering the text formatting:


HTML editor - will allow copywriters to update campaign content while also applying some HTML formatting:


Module editor - allows copywriters update module filters so that they can display different content: