Supported payment gateway providers

Updated on 03-September-2018 at 5:43 PM

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You can integrate one of the below payment gateways with your site.

For more details, see  Collect real-time credit card payments

Payment gateway list

Payment gateway Currencies supported                
Type Recurring payments Integrated gateway anti-fraud protection  Tutorial US seamless Yes ALL Yes 
Banco Popular (Evertec) Payment Gateway Puerto Rico non-seamless - - Yes
Beanstream Payment Gateway Canada seamless - ALL No
CyberSource Gateway  US, AU, CH, IN, MX, SG, UK, ZA, and Euro Countries seamless - ALL Yes
DIBS Payment Gateway DK, SE, NO, CH, TR, NZ, JP, IS, CA, AU, UK, US, and Euro Countries non-seamless - -  -
EBS Payment Gateway  ** India non-seamless Yes - Yes 
EWay Gateway  AU, NZ seamless Yes BEAGLE Yes
InternetSecure Authorize Payment Gateway  Most Countries seamless - ALL  -
MIGS Payment Gateway AU Only seamless - - -
Mollie Payment Gateway  Netherlands only non-seamless - -   Yes
Moneris Gateway Canada Only seamless - CVD  -
National Australia Bank (NAB) Gateway  AU, CA, US, UK, JP, HK, NZ, SG, and Euro Countries seamless - CCV Yes 
NetBanx Payment Gateway (API integration)   US, CA, AU, NZ, and Euro Countries seamless - ALL  -
NetBanx Payment Gateway (UPP integration)   US, CA, AU, NZ, and Euro Countries non-seamless - - -
NetRegistry Payment Gateway AU seamless - CCV  -
Ogone Payment Gateway 
seamless Yes  -  -
Optimal Payment Gateway US, CA, UK, and Most Countries seamless - ALL  -
PayGate Payment Gateway  South Africa only seamless - ALL  -
Payment Express (PX Pay Non-Seamless) Gateway   US, UK, AU, NZ, ZA, SG, MY, and Pacific Islands non-seamless - - -
Payment Express (Seamless) Gateway US, UK, AU, NZ, ZA, SG, MY, and Pacific Islands seamless - AVS -
PayPal PayFlow Payment Gateway  US, CA, AU, NZ, SG seamless - ALL   Yes
PayPal Website Payments Pro Payment Gateway US, CA, UK only seamless Yes (limited support)* ALL Yes 
PayPal Website Standard US, AU, and Euro Countries non-seamless - - Yes 
Process Offline (process manually via existing facility)   - - - -  
RealEx Payment Gateway  Ireland, UK  non-seamless - - Yes 
Sage Pay (Protx) Payment Gateway AU, CA, CH, DK, UK, HK, ID, JP, LU, NO, NZ, SE, SG, TR, US, and Euro Countries seamless Yes ALL   Yes
SecurePay (ESEC) Gateway  (deprecated) AU seamless - -  -
SecurePay AU, NZ seamless - Fraud Guard Yes
Stripe Payment gateway   Most Countries seamless Yes  ALL Yes
Valitor Payment Gateway  Iceland seamless - - -
WebPay Payment Gateway  AU, US, CA, GB, HR, NO, PL, JP, HU, CH, DK, SK, SE, CZ, and Euro Countries seamless - -  -
WorldPay Gateway UK seamless - - -

Warning: PayPal Pro and recurring payments

* The PayPal Websites Payments Pro accounts set before may 2012 will support recurring feature, for all the accounts set after May 2012, recurring payments feature is not available anymore.

** As of April 5, 2016, we will deprecate support for EBS solution integration in Business Catalyst. For more information please check this forum post

Note: A seamless payment gateway is one that processes credit cards directly on your online shop website. It doesn't redirect the purchasing customer to any third-party website. The whole transaction is seamless and takes place in real time. On the other hand, a non-seamless payment gateway like PayPal redirects the purchasing customer to the PayPal website to process the payment. It redirects the customer back to the online shop after the payment has been completed.

Test your payment gateway

  1. Create a one-cent product, and add it to your catalog.
  2. Purchase the product using all available payment methods.
  3. Ensure that the order is created. If using PayPal, ensure that the payment status is "Success.?
  4. Check your invoice that you were emailed.
  5. Ensure that the site owner has received their order workflow notification.

Using the payment gateway's test gateways is possible. However, it often requires special credentials and card details. Also some payment gateway features are not available on test environment. 

Adobe doesn't recommend this method unless necessary.

When testing your gateway, you can use this site to reference test cards if necessary: ers.html