Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Setting up this Gateway

The Cybersource payment gateway requires a Merchant Key (or Transaction Key) to operate. The details of how to obtain this key from Cybersource are below -

  1. Log into the Business Center.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Account Management > Transaction Security Keys. The Transaction Security Keys page appears.
  3. Click Security Keys for the SOAP Toolkit API.
  4. Click Generate Key - Your new key immediately appears in a box below the table. As the text on the Web page states, you must save your key now because the key content will disappear as soon as you leave the Web page. If you forget to copy or download your password,you will need to create a new password and delete the previous one.
  5. Click Download.

A file download box appears. You can either open the file in a text editor to save the key manually, or you can save the key to your computer.

Important - Make sure to save your key in a secure location.

Once you have this key, log into your site, navigate to eCommerce -> Payment gateways, select this gateway from the dropdown list, and enter the requested information.

Setting up for Recurring Billing (If required)

The implementation of this payment gateway does not support recurring billing


There are no known "common" setup issues with this gateway.

If you encounter any that you feel may be useful to list here, please contact the support team with details of the issue and the solution you found, so that we may share this with people who may encounter the same issue in future.