October 2018 - Change site billing cycle to monthly
If your site is on an old Business Catalyst Plan (webBasics, webMarketing, webCommerce), you will need to switch to a new new plan (Bronze, Silver [...]
October 2018 - Commisions FAQ
Starting in 2019, progressively, commissions will no longer be accrued for Free and Paid partners. See more details below. Why aren’t we allowing  [...]
July 2018 - Webapps Google API Key enforcement
Starting July the 16-th 2018, Google will enforce the use of API keys for the Google Maps, please read the official announcement (https://develope [...]
December 2017 - Stripe payment gateway integration
The steps below apply only to newly configured integrations. Websites already using Stripe do not need any intervention. The Stripe Payment ga [...]
June 2017 - Action required - update your Consolidated Billing configuration
In light of the upcoming plan updates, partners who are using the "Consolidated billing" model will need to also make sure their products are upda [...]
April 2017 - 8 things to check before enabling HTTPS
Before you add a custom certificate on your website and make the switch to https there are a few things you need to check to ensure all the featur [...]
April 2017 - Chrome - Webform editor security warning
After upgrading to Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit), the Web Form Editor might start throwing this error below: The error is cau [...]
March 2017 - New plan breakdown
These plans will come into effect at the end of May 2017. Business Catalyst offers a range of plans for hosting client sites. See the tables b [...]
March 2016 - Widget Factory
While every new site is unique, a common trend in our customer requests is the need to build and customise specific functionality into a BC site,  [...]
November 2015 - Setting a new password
Are you locked out of webmail? You can quickly fix this by contacting (/getting-started/quickstart-guide/get-support) the Business Catalyst Suppor [...]