Register your app

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Before developing a custom application, you will need to register to the Business Catalyst Developer program. To do this, go to Partner Portal->My Apps and click Enroll. Agree to the Developer Terms and conditions and create your developer prefix.

NOTE: You need to have at least 1 paid site to be able to enroll in the Business Catalyst Developer program.

After you have enrolled in the Developer program, you can start creating your apps. Just click the "Create New App" button and enter the app requested information, following the on-screen instructions:

  • Enter an App name - this will be the name of your application, and 
  • Enter an App ID - this ID, combined with your Developer ID will be your App ID. The App ID is the unique identifier of your app and is unique throughout Business Catalyst. It also represents the folder you can install your app within.
  • Choose the site you want to develop the app on

After you submit the form the app will be generated and installed on the indicated site. The folder where the app will be deployed will be  


App ID and app name restrictions

When choosing your unique app ID please consider these conventions:

  • the app prefix has to have a maximum of 10 characters
  • the app ID has to have a maximum of 48 characters and can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphen (dash)
  • the app ID is case insensitive ("ACME-MyAppKey" is the same as "AcmE-myappkey")
  • the app ID or app name cannot start with "bc" (bc-myapp or "BC Client Accounts") are not accepted
  • the following types of "generic" app IDs and app names are system reserved and cannot be used - "Calendar", "Booking", "Blog", "Webapp" and so on (plural and minor variations included)
  • app IDs or app names that closely resemble an existing module or panel in Business Catalyst cannot be used, for example "Dashboard", "SiteManager", "Page", "Pages" and other minor variations. Prefixed key names like "ACME-Pages" are accepted


Once you have your application key you can start developing your app. In the  next section we will create our first basic app.