Introduction to Custom apps

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Apps are a way for developers to build apps on top of the Business Catalyst platform. Once built and packaged in a specific folder structure, these apps can be copied to another site and they will work with the data available on that site (example: webapps, modules and so on).

In the most basic implementation an app can be just a simple page that is dynamically loaded by the Admin Console. On this page you can run javascript and load modules or even call APIs provided you have completed the authorization sequence.

For more complex usage scenarios, apps can authenticate using OAuth  so they can make API calls, create new webapps or modify existing ones. The calls can also access a site's filesystem - create, edit or delete existing files.

You can even build different back-end or front-end components, for example you can build a custom API driven administration panel for your app that your customers can see in the Admin Console (after they login in the admin panel) and have a set of public-facing set of pages and layouts that site visitors can see in the front-end.

Using custom apps you can also modify entries in the Admin Console menu - add entries, rename or hide existing ones and customize the ribbon.


Before building your first app you need to make sure you have registered your partner username as a developer (this is an one time requirement) and create your app ID. In the next section  we will cover the registration process that needs to take place before starting developing your app.