BC Apps

Introduction to Custom BC apps

See what BC apps are all about and how you can create your own apps for your sites

Register your app

Register as a Business Catalyst App Developer and create your apps

Build your first app

A step by step tutorial on how to create your first app, to help you get started with the Business Catalyst Open Platform

Server to server service

How to write an external service, GUI recommendations and errors that could occur.

Marketplace distribution of external services

Information on what notification your external services will receive when using the BC App Store for your service distribution.

Customize the Admin console menu

Learn how to customize the Admin Console menu for your sites when building an app

Best practices

A series of best practice to be followed when creating Business Catalyst apps

App related FAQs

A series of FAQs related to building BC apps

Sample app - BC API Discovery

Using this app you can visually explore the API endpoints, see the fields you can use and visually build complex code snippets you can use.

Sample app - Photo gallery

Learn how to build a custom app by looking at the sample Gallery app - it uses webapps to create an awesome photo gallery

Sample app - Meet the team

Learn how to work with custom apps - use the Meet the team app sample - it uses webapps to create a team directory app